Friday, July 31, 2009

Amazing Art

I saw these amazing paintings at a jazz bar in New Orleans last weekend and had to share. It may be difficult to tell from the photographs (it was pretty dark and smokey in there!), but the letters are created with duct tape that has been painted over in bright colors. Unfortunately, I don't know who the artist is, but I could not stop staring at the pieces' interesting texture and bold colors all night! Makes me want to pull out a fresh canvas and some duct tape ad get to it. It would make an amazing focal piece for my living room - I just need to find the right quote for it now. How inspiring!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bargain Huntin'

Ladies, listen up! I found a great new website last week called Celebrity Looks for Less that's a must-bookmark for any girl who's a fashionista at heart but doesn't have the pocketbook for it. It inspired me to do some of my own bargain fashion hunting, so I've been online shopping for a few days now. Quick fact about me: I'm a compulsive buyer! To curb my shopping appetite, I often trick myself out of buying things by doing a little something I call "faux shopping." This is a little crazy, but bear with me - I'll spend some time browsing the website and adding items liberally to my shopping cart, but when I'm done I'll click out of the website instead of hitting the checkout button. It may sound a little nutso, but it works! Too many times have I cleaned out my closet only to find several items with tags still on them that I've forgotten about because I just picked them up out of impulse. However, I broke my no-real-shopping rule yesterday and went to the mall in search of some jean shorts and cute sandals for my beach trip this weekend. I remembered all the cute things from Charlotte Russe on Celebrity Looks, so I decided to stop in. I'll be honest with you - in the past I have not been a big fan of C.R. I found most of their fabrics to be pretty low quality and the items I would buy would not last more than a few washes. I am all for a bargain, but I'd rather spend a little more on a quality item than waste money on something that will fall apart! But don't rule them out just yet - I think they have turned over a new leaf! Let me tell you, I was really impressed with their new merchandise. They have some great new looks, awesome shoes, and the material seems to have vastly improved. They are definitely worth a second look! Here's some of my favorite finds and check back soon for more:

I had to have this Floral Flutter Top because it was oh-so soft and silky to the touch and has some great colors in it (I even see hints of Purple & Gold, so I may even be able to pull it off for LSU Football Season!) - great for day or night wear:

Almost bought this adorable Satin Floral Shift, but was turned off that it wasn't lined and was 100% polyester (sorry, I'm picky) - otherwise I loved the pattern and the black zipper down the back almost made me forget about the plethora o' polyester. I went back and forth on this one and am still thinking about it, so I may just have to go back for it:

And wouldn't these Strappy Booties look great with that dress?? So sassy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rompin' around

So, the one fashion trend I said I would never ever cave to is The Romper. I thought, how could this possibly be cute/sexy/stylish in any way or in any situation?? I had these when I was 9. Some had bad floral patterns that allowed me to seamlessly blend in with my grandmother's curtains. I had one that came with a cream crochet dress to wear over it, and I often accessorized it with a choker and jelly flats. Seriously. There is absolutely nothing fashionable about this!

But then...I started seeing them on the streets. Some were as hideous as I had imagined.... but some were kind of cute. They just started to look so COMFORTABLE and effortless... And then one day, I saw one labeled as a bathing suit coverup at a department store. It was made of a light jersey material in turquoise and it had a shirred tube top with pretty brightly colored embroidery across the top. And it was on clearance. I thought, hmmm... could this be a possible loophole to my no-rompers-ever rule?? So I tried it on. And I kind of liked it. I actually really liked it, but I didn't buy it because I felt bad about how much I had trashed them!! Now, I'm really regretting it and have been frantically scouring the internet for the perfect romper, which I think I just found at Net-A-Porter:

This Shay Todd white cotton romper would be PERFECT as a bathing suit cover-up, and could even be re-purposed for an afternoon on the town. What more could you want?? So what's your verdict on rompers - fun or fug?

Friday, July 17, 2009


I want NEED this chair!!

Donations? Anyone?? :)

Image via Etsy seller ReclaimTheThrone, who has lots of other gorgeous pieces worth checking out.

My Schizophrenic Living Room

As I discussed yesterday, I just can't decide on what I want to do with my living room! To start off with, it's a very awkward shape. It's long and narrow:

(Sorry for the awful picture) The rug is the one I mentioned in the previous post that I am thinking of using in the guest room. I was not too fond of the colors for my living room area, and it was just too light for such a high traffic area and a destructive dog, so I bought a new one in a mossy/grassy green to go with my newest color scheme (pictures coming soon). The beige leather couches were a hand-me-down from my dad, but I am doing away with those as well. The new ones I'm inheriting are chocolate brown microfiber. Neither of these are what I would necessarily pick for myself, but like I said, they were free... so they will do for now! The TV-to-couch placement is super awkward, but I can't think of a better layout. I'm just so tired of looking at it, but I am desperate for a unified looking living room! I think I need a new perspective. Any suggestions?? HELP!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Office Space

I helped my mom paint a couple of rooms in her house this weekend, and ever since I have been contemplating some updates I want to make to my own home. I purchased my condo about a year ago as new construction, so my walls were blank! I have painted my bedroom and have gathered ideas for the other rooms, but it has been a slow process making time and saving money. But I think I've finally picked out the desk & chair I want in my office/guest room from CB2:


I haven't decided on wall colors yet, but I have a great rug with large, bright colored flowers in orange, lime, and yellow with bold black outlines that I want to use in the room. I want to incorporate the rug in the decor, but I don't want anything too bright on the walls because it is a smaller room. Any suggestions?

As for the living room, I think I've *finally* settled on a color scheme! I have been going back and forth, so I haven't painted the walls yet for fear that I will change my mind. I think I've made up my mind this time, though...

What do you think? I plan on painting the walls the light blue color, and I purchased a beautiful green rug the other day that would fit in perfectly with this color scheme! Ahh, home improvement is SO exciting!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I finally set up my Etsy storefront last week and am sooo excited about it! I am eager for my first sale, but am having fun figuring out how to promote it and make it better in the meantime. After all, my degree is in Advertising, so that side of this venture is just as fun to me! So far, I have spread the word on here, Twitter, Facebook, and by emailing friends and family.

I have also been trying to get more involved in the Etsy community by venturing into the forums. Wow - this might be a new addiction! It's so much fun to go through and read what everyone has to say. I've gotten lots of great advice and have found lots of cool sellers that I may never have known about if I hadn't been reading the forums.

I have figured out that I need to add more items to my shop to give customers more options. I am steadily working on that and hope to add more merchandise in the next week. I also got some great advice to try buying a few things so I can build some feedback and people would be more likely to see me as a trusted seller. So my homework is to do some Etsy shopping!

I also want to invest in a good printer for my stationery. I have been looking at the Epson Artisan series. Any reviews of this or other suggestions? I'd love to hear other stationery designers' opinions on this. I've heard that InkJet can smear, and that these printers go through ink like crazy, but LazerJet is sooo expensive! Of course, I want to create a quality product, but the LazerJet expense is too much for me at the moment. How do you print your stationery? At home on an InkJet or LaserJet, or do you send it off? I'd love to know!

Good luck fellow Etsy-ers and I'll be updating you on my progress soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fresh Ideas

Summer is fully in swing! We're experiencing record highs here in Louisiana and I've officially traded in my jeans (yes, I get to wear jeans to work - jealous?) for skirts and dresses. It's been a challenge lately to pick out my wardrobe from day to day while trying to avoid pants all together, but I just can't stand them in this heat! In turn, I've been in search of loose, summery tops as well, and it has me thinking of some new ideas for Lady Fleur. One of my current personal trends is loose fitting, airy v-necks with a fun print, like this one from Forever 21:

I'm currently working on a new design for this style shirt, which I am thinking of printing on an American Apparel or Bella ladies' v-neck. Let me know what you think!

Some other projects in the works:

  • Onesies, Blankets, & Bibs
  • Girls' Tees
  • Ladies' Racerback Tanks
  • Ladies' Dolman Tees

    I'd love some feedback on these new ideas! Designs to come, so check back soon!
  • Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    Stationery Sets Now In!

    I'm so excited - the Lady Fleur stationery sets are now in! I'm really happy with how they turned out:

    These textured linen note cards are uniquely double-sided for two great options rolled into one - white with lavender Fleur de Lis design on one side, lavender with white design on the other. The set of 12 comes with matching lavender envelopes, and would make a great gift or addition to your own stationery collection!

    Don't forget, the Original Lady Fleur Tees are still available too! These are printed on one of my absolute favorite shirts by Bella - the Cotton Spandex Crew Neck. I think it will become your instant favorite as well, with it's great fit and super-soft material! Right now, they are available in purple and gold on white and gold on black - stock up for football season, which is right around the corner!

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