Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bargain Huntin'

Ladies, listen up! I found a great new website last week called Celebrity Looks for Less that's a must-bookmark for any girl who's a fashionista at heart but doesn't have the pocketbook for it. It inspired me to do some of my own bargain fashion hunting, so I've been online shopping for a few days now. Quick fact about me: I'm a compulsive buyer! To curb my shopping appetite, I often trick myself out of buying things by doing a little something I call "faux shopping." This is a little crazy, but bear with me - I'll spend some time browsing the website and adding items liberally to my shopping cart, but when I'm done I'll click out of the website instead of hitting the checkout button. It may sound a little nutso, but it works! Too many times have I cleaned out my closet only to find several items with tags still on them that I've forgotten about because I just picked them up out of impulse. However, I broke my no-real-shopping rule yesterday and went to the mall in search of some jean shorts and cute sandals for my beach trip this weekend. I remembered all the cute things from Charlotte Russe on Celebrity Looks, so I decided to stop in. I'll be honest with you - in the past I have not been a big fan of C.R. I found most of their fabrics to be pretty low quality and the items I would buy would not last more than a few washes. I am all for a bargain, but I'd rather spend a little more on a quality item than waste money on something that will fall apart! But don't rule them out just yet - I think they have turned over a new leaf! Let me tell you, I was really impressed with their new merchandise. They have some great new looks, awesome shoes, and the material seems to have vastly improved. They are definitely worth a second look! Here's some of my favorite finds and check back soon for more:

I had to have this Floral Flutter Top because it was oh-so soft and silky to the touch and has some great colors in it (I even see hints of Purple & Gold, so I may even be able to pull it off for LSU Football Season!) - great for day or night wear:

Almost bought this adorable Satin Floral Shift, but was turned off that it wasn't lined and was 100% polyester (sorry, I'm picky) - otherwise I loved the pattern and the black zipper down the back almost made me forget about the plethora o' polyester. I went back and forth on this one and am still thinking about it, so I may just have to go back for it:

And wouldn't these Strappy Booties look great with that dress?? So sassy!


  1. I will have to check out the site! Thanks!
    Love those shoes btw. ;)

  2. Me too! I think I'm going to order them online, since I keep going back to the website and lusting after them!


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