Thursday, July 16, 2009

Office Space

I helped my mom paint a couple of rooms in her house this weekend, and ever since I have been contemplating some updates I want to make to my own home. I purchased my condo about a year ago as new construction, so my walls were blank! I have painted my bedroom and have gathered ideas for the other rooms, but it has been a slow process making time and saving money. But I think I've finally picked out the desk & chair I want in my office/guest room from CB2:


I haven't decided on wall colors yet, but I have a great rug with large, bright colored flowers in orange, lime, and yellow with bold black outlines that I want to use in the room. I want to incorporate the rug in the decor, but I don't want anything too bright on the walls because it is a smaller room. Any suggestions?

As for the living room, I think I've *finally* settled on a color scheme! I have been going back and forth, so I haven't painted the walls yet for fear that I will change my mind. I think I've made up my mind this time, though...

What do you think? I plan on painting the walls the light blue color, and I purchased a beautiful green rug the other day that would fit in perfectly with this color scheme! Ahh, home improvement is SO exciting!


  1. I love a good really pale blue with that chocolate brown color, and I love the office set you've picked out. It's so minimal and simple, which is just what I have in mind for my future office whenever I get around to it!

  2. So do I! It just seems like everyone is using the chocolate/pale blue combo lately... I thought I'd mix it up by throwing in some grassy green & pale yellow accents here and there. Hope it works! :)


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